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Stillwater Milling

502 E 6th Ave Stillwater, OK 74074 (405) 372-2766 http://www.stillwatermill.com/index.cfm

The ancestor of the Stillwater Milling Company was the Thomas and Plummer Perfection Mills, established in 1891 to make wheat flour and corn meal for home baking.  In 1906, Stillwater Mill and Elevator Company was incorporated by the Babcock family to produce flour under the name “Stillwater’s Best Flour.”  In 1918, Andy Goodholm purchased the company and added a line of home flour products called “Good Home Flour.”  The mill did well, and was expanded to produce A & M livestock feeds, named after Andy and his wife Mandy.

In 1933, the mill was purchased by Haskell Cudd, Paul Wise and James Berry.  The Berry family sold their interest after the death of James Berry.  For over forty years after purchasing the Berry stock, the Cudd and Wise families owned the mill.  In 2010, the Wise family purchased the Cudd interests and became the majority owners.  Several mill employees also own stock.

Haskell Cudd was the CEO of the mill from 1938 until he retired in 2005 at the age of 98 years.  In those decades, he created the largest and most modern feed mill in Oklahoma, always emphasizing reliable delivery of high quality feed at the lowest achievable price consistent with high quality ingredients.  In this way, the mill has improved the profitability of ranches all over the state.  These policies have continued to the present and will continue in the future, for profitable ranches are our future also.