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Unpaid Fees

Unpaid Horse Boarding and/or Training Fees?

Oklahoma Lien and Foreclosure Laws

By Mary Westman, JD

Oklahoma law does provide for stable-keeper lien on related horse(s), tack and

equipment to compensate the service provider for unpaid board, keep and/or

training. However, to foreclose on such a lien, a statutory process must be followed, and

the steps to be followed are largely (but not solely) dictated by whether or not the service provider retains possession of the horse(s).

            A stable-keeper lien is codified in Title 4, §193 of the Oklahoma statutes and

specifically states:

            Every person who shall keep, board or train any animal, shall, for the

amount due therefor, have a lien on such animal, and on any vehicle, harness or equipment coming into his possession therewith, and no owner or claimant shall have the right to take any such property out of the custody of the person having such lien, except with his consent, or on the payment of such charge; and such lien shall be valid against said property in the possession of any person receiving or purchasing it with notice of such claim. Okla. Stat. Ann. tit. 4, § 193 (West)

            The lien is created once the account becomes past due. However, to have the

force of law behind the foreclosure of the lien, the lien holder must follow the statues on

foreclosure. Failure to properly follow the law could subject the lien holder to civil liability

in favor of the debtor. So, a word of caution for service providers seeking compensation

for unpaid board and/or training: make sure you are absolutely clear on Oklahoma lien

foreclosure law or seek the advice of an attorney familiar with the process!

This article does not constitute legal advice and is intended to be used for educational

purposes only.

Mary Westman is an Oklahoma attorney with an MBA, Morgan horse breeder and

registered nurse. A native of West Virginia, she now lives with her husband, David, in

Norman, Oklahoma. Together, they also own a horse stable in Noble. She can be

contacted at

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